Revati Mohan’s philanthropy

Revati Mohan’s philanthropy

Apart from establishing businesses and making profits, Revati Mohan was engaged in philanthropy. In 1908, Dhaka Orphanage was established by Beatson Bell and Revati Mohan as a joint venture. Both Hindus and Muslims lived in this orphanage. Revati Mohan's wife and daughters-in-law used to visit the girls of the orphanage frequently, and the girls staying there also visited Revati Bhaban from time to time. After the death of his wife, Revati Mohan expanded a section dedicated to the widows of Dhaka, and named the expanded building “Binodini Hall”. Revati Mohan supported various institutions including East Bengal Institution and Mymensingh City College. He contributed an amount for the X-ray service at Dhaka Mitford Hospital.

 Revati Mohans philanthropy

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