The Das Family

The Das Family

In 1900, Revati Mohan Das family started living in their new home built in Sutrapur which came to be known as Revati Bhaban. The second house called the Das Lodge was built in 1942. Revati Mohan's elder son Satyendra Kumar Das who received the Ray Bahadur title, was the chairman of Dhaka Municipality for two terms. He inherited Revati Bhaban.

The younger son Hemendra Kumar Das, mayor of Mymensingh Municipality for a number of years, built the new house. Due to their great enthusiasm in the social life of the city, political figures and social elites of that time regularly visited Revati Bhaban. As Revati Mohan was acquainted with the British civil surgeons, commissioners and magistrates appointed by the colonial government, those officials would visit the house for various purposes, discussions, and sometimes even to store their wealth. Revati Mohan’s middle son Sailendra passed away as a young adult in 1926.

the das family 1

Revati Mohan Das at age eighty-five in 1936.


the das family 2

Revati Mohan Das in the center, with elder son Satyendra Kumar Das on the left and younger son Hemendra Kumar Das on the right.


the das family 3

The Das family, photographed in the house. Standing, from left: son Sailendra, son Satyendra, and son Hemendra. Seated on chair: Revanti Mohan and his wife Binodini. Seated on the ground: daughters Hironbala, Nirmala, Sushila, Promila, and Charubala.


the das family 4

The Das family, photographed in the house, showing sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren of Revati Mohan.


the das family 5

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