Family members history

Shiblee Fazlul Karim recalls the history of his family members.

The fountain

Talking about the fountain.

The house is transformed

The house is transformed

The house was built with a big hall room for gathering and six rooms for the owner’s six sons. Over time, the hall room has turned into a spiritual space and currently two families live on two sides of the house. There are separate bedrooms and living rooms on both sides. The room of the original owner has been kept intact with all his belongings.

A family tree with a rich history

A family tree with a rich history

The family tree photo depicts the historical connection with Hazarat Haji Sheikh Neamatullah (R. A.). All the ancestors and descendants of  this family have been well documented and preserved for future generations to know. A direct lineage is claimed to the Sufi teacher of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

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The project “Hidden Heritage: Homes in Dhaka” forms part of a larger research framework on “Silent Heritage: Buildings in Bangladesh” focusing on homes and other significant buildings, from the rural to the urban, and from the Mughal to the Modern.

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